WHO claims 5 Million child births by December in Pakistan – SCIENTISTS DISAGREE!


A big claim by World Health Organization (WHO) about population increase in Pakistan due to lockdown, which says Pakistani will add 5 million more kids in December 2020.

The current lockdown strategies may help to curb the spread of the novel Coronavirus, but it is off-setting this with irreplaceable repercussions. Some of them can put an impact on global world for years to come. For example economy, which is now almost on the verge of collapse, for every country around the world and it may take one year to recover. Similarly, aviation and tourism industry claims it will take at least 2 years for demand to become as high as it was last in 2019. Additionally there have been cases of more personal health issues like psychological issues, anxiety and stress. Along with family issues like increase in domestic violence and divorces.

Another consequence recently being discussed is the rise in population while people stay at home and are not occupied in the race of fast paced world. Talking about Pakistan only, WHO estimates as a result of lock-down by the end of this year, Pakistan will have additional 5m births of babies, which will add on to the overall yearly increase in the % of population. We are not saying having a child is not a good thing, but what it means is additional pressure on countries resources as the rate of % of population increases even more. Coupled with sinking economy and demographic challenges.

However, recently scientists and researchers globally have almost rejected this claim of WHO for respective countries, saying they do not see a significant increase in population as a result of the lock-downs. They are citing couple of primary reasons basis a general survey done saying, that due to added financial crisis and weak economic/ future outlook for couple of years to come as per the survey they have done most couples have dropped their plans to have a baby. The top reasons they cited are lack of financial security, economic and health crisis as well as overall impact of the pandemic with rising stress and anxiety levels.

Currently all of the world is still busy fighting out the remaining infection levels, Pakistan’s graph is still on a rise and is not expected to slow down given the lock-down has been eased with almost everything open.

However, we pray that our country comes out on top fighting this war and we all can return back to normal life.


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