WhatsApp becomes the latest app to use QR code technology


QR code scanning has been around for a while now, with few industries, brands and people using it for different objectives. Primarily QR codes have been used for registration or exclusivity purpose. Amidst the pandemic war, QR code scanning has achieved another level of importance and success. With China using the QR technology to devise an app that helps people trace contact and avoid COVID hot-zones, now more people are adapting to this form of technology.

Amongst social networks Snapchat was the first platform to adapt QR code technology to help users add contacts easily rather than saving their names. Now in this race WhatsApp is the latest app which has completed its update with QR code technology. This means that people now will be able to scan QR codes to add contacts rather than manually saving numbers or typing them out. With this WhatsApp becomes amongst the few apps leveraging this technology for the ease of its users.

However, QR code is something that is an encrypted symbol of all our information, so a lot has been said on how it can impact an individual’s privacy is something that remains to be seen. For Pakistan QR code technology is still not widely adapt or used so we may take some time to adapt to this latest WhatsApp’s feature. There is no confirm date as to when this update will be available, but from the looks of it final work has been done and soon enough we may see this update.


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