Twitter shapes the future of new normal for its employees


Before January nobody in the world have imagined that a virus akin to the naked eye can make you re-evaluate your lifestyle. Nobody would have ever thought that we would be forced to wear masks just to take out the thrash. Social gestures could become so illicit. As we settle and adjust with the new norms, most companies are allowing work from home.

As there is no set time frame by the firms as how long employees are going to work from home. Twitter, one of the leading social media platform has decided to make work from home permanent. This has sparked numerous controversies as experts believe that all staff cannot perform and be monitored from their homes. Though freelancers are rising in numbers making it one of the most eminent profession of the future there are people who believe classic is the best.

Many have predicted other tech firms will follow suit – and one digital innovation expert even called it “era-defining news”.

“Some people may not take this seriously as it’s Twitter – but we can learn a lot from Silicon Valley about workplace flexibility, There has been a mentality that working from home was stealing from the boss and face-time in the office was more important. But people are proving they can be far more productive and get tasks done working from home. A lot of people tell me they are working harder at home and are exhausted.” explained New York-based Sree Sreenivasan, a Loeb Visiting Professor at the Stony Brook University School of Journalism.

This announcement can be Era Defining, as the virus is predicted to live long term more such news may surface, we wish the best for team Twitter in their new initiative.


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