Transgender community forced into slums due to COVID-19


Transgender community that already is abandoned and faces many troubles has now been destined to live a further problematic life. Their source of income was dancing on events and parties. But unfortunately the ban on public gatherings have lead them to terrible consequences.

Pre pandemic situation was different for dancer Adnan Ali who lead a comfortable life earning enough by performing at parties, weddings and birth of a new born.

Before lockdown he lived in a one bedroom apartment in suburban Islamabad now he is forced to shift to a shelter as there is no income to pay hefty rents.

“I want to return to a routine again, to dance again and to do something good in my life,” said Ali, sitting barefoot on the steps of the house in Pakistan’s capital.

Pakistani culture does not support women dancing in public, so transgender are opted to add colours to events. They are often ridiculed for their choice of profession.

In past they had no other option for lively hood as they had no NIC and Passport . Now the trans community has much better options to earn a living as they can now get a Passport, But due to conservative mind set in majority of the population trans community is forced into beggary, dancing and sex work. Many are raped and insulted at events.

Dancing which distracts Mena Gul from her miserable life for 26-year-old has always felt like she is in a form of self-isolation.
“We have been quarantined for our entire life, we cannot go outside and we hide our faces whenever we leave our homes,” she told AFP.

The apartment she shared will fellow dancers was her heaven on earth but now she has moved to slums. She is surviving on donations.

As the number of cases are rising day by day the ban on public seems like months of affair.


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