#Tiktok becomes the most downloaded app in the first quarter of #2020.


Pandemic that is casing ravenous destruction to many sectors of society where the only surviving business are the food and necessities, Tiktok becomes one of the most successful social media app.

Tiktok is a social media app where short videos are uploaded which are lip sync with an iconic song or dialogue from either series or a movie. Tiktok is originally based in Beijing but its is available for download on Android and IOS. Since its launch like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Tiktok is also on the rise. Because of its unique lip-sync features it most popular amongst younger generations to create comical videos. Numerous influencers have decided to use Tiktok to expand their fan base as you can get huge following in a few days. “I thought, I’m in lockdown, I don’t have anything to do … and it looked fun,” Alaan Tsui a famous 31 year old Instagram influencers says. Now she has a huge fan base and posts around 4 videos a day.

According to a report published in CNN “TikTok has seized on the moment, pushing upbeat hashtags such as “#HappyAtHome,” which has seen many users rope their parents into doing TikTok videos. It is also promoting live streams of soothing content: On a recent Wednesday, for example, one such stream was broadcasting live footage from a panda sanctuary.

The promotions appear to be paying off. TikTok was downloaded 315 million times from January through March, according to Sensor Tower — an amount that the analytics company says topped any other app ever for a single quarter. TikTok now has 2 billion downloads overall, doubling its total from just 15 months ago.
The company is also winning”

Pakistan has also a remarkable number of followers on tiktok where they make funny, cute and often thoughtful videos for audiences. The most famous influencers of Pakistan are Jannat Mirza.,Pinky Francis,Zulqarnain Sikandar,Reeja Jeelani and Pir Ahmed.


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