Samar Mubarakmand sees very dim chances of a nuclear war between India and Pakistan.


“I won’t say a zero chance but there are very dim chances of a war between the two neighbors involving nuclear arsenal despite escalating tensions,” Samar Mubarakmand, a former chairman of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC)).

Mubarakmand is not only a former chairman but also he was a head in the team of scientists that conducted six nuclear tests in remote changi district in  Baluchistan during 1998

Since the independence there has been  a lot of tension between the two states. There were 3 wars fought between India and Pakistan 1948,1965 and 1971 along with a short clash at karghil “Pakistan had no other choice but to pay India back in the same coin after its nuclear tests to maintain strategic balance in the region,” Mubarakmand elaborated.

There also have been on and off clashes at LOC, both states have had a cold war at Kashmir issue. “The leadership of both countries are fully aware of the catastrophe a nuclear war can cause. They won’t go for that option no matter how tense the situation is,” explained former PAEC chairman Mubarakmand.

“Both countries have long been reeling from poverty, illiteracy, and other health and economic issues. Wars or undue competition in arms race are not in the interest of the two nations,” he further elaborated

Currently Pakistan ranks 8 at the size of Army and 11 in importing arms which is a bit behind from India.


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