Saba Qamar recalls her time spent with Irrfan Khan on the set of Hindi Medium


Hindi Medium starred Saba Qamar and Irrfan Khan, one the blockbusters of the time, was giving us the message of difference between a high-end school and a government based school.

Saba Qamar starred alongside Irfan Khan as his wife the movie shows the couple is taking extreme measures to get their daughter admitted in India’s high-end school.
“2020 continues to take the beauty of this world away from us,” Saba, in a recent interview said, “I’ve learned a lot from Irrfan. Working with him was nothing less than a fan moment for me throughout. As an actor, I believe that acting is actually behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances. And I actually saw that in him”.

Speaking about her experience “There was never a dull moment when he was around. We used to crack jokes with each other all the time. He always used to make me learn new things and give pro tips on life.”
Saba later talks about how loving and accommodating Indian fans have been to her. She was very thankful for their support and the fact that they missed her in the sequel Angerezi Medium.

She further added “things were better between our countries, Saba also spoke about the love she received from audiences for Hindi Medium and how she is thankful that her fans missed seeing her in the sequel of the film. She said, “I believe that acting is a form of blended art that shouldn’t be restricted to a particular type or even a country. It should be assorted in such a way that even we enjoy it and so do our fans and audiences. It is this assortment which I miss. I’d love to do more movies for my fans if I get any


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