Ridiculing of Turkish Drama Dirilis Ertugrul and its cast by common Pakistani – but why?


Since the moment PM Imran Khan had endorsed the much talked-about series Dirilis Ertugrul, there has been a mixed response from both common public and celebrities. Adding fuel to the fire was the decision to give it a prime-time slot on TV. A lot of celebrities like Shaan and Jibran Nasir have voiced their opinions on lack of enough opportunities for Pakistani content to be promoted albeit promoting important content. In addition some common general public on Instagram and Facebook have ridiculed the star cast of the show by trolling them on their personal photos. All this speaks a lot about the tolerance level of our nation and where it’s heading. We ask everyone 3 questions to set the matter straight

Are we forgetting our actual history? Do we have any historic content like this to show-case history in an entertaining yet learning manner?

Shaan’s words on promoting Pakistani content does not make logic at all. There are more than 20 entertainment channels currently working on Pakistani content and airing them. Despite the fact not a single drama series is void of romance, violence and useless cultural taboos. We have no content that actually focuses on true Islamic history and in the wake of all this if we get a content like Dirilis Ertugrul to freshen up our Islamic history and knowledge what is wrong with it?

Why do we have to become a nose poker into everyone and then judge them to the core?

General public thinks the cast playing this series is in actual living a modest life similar  to what is shown on the screen. Surprise when they go on Instagram they find that these are actual celebrities living a posh and different life. Next day they start trolling and ridiculing them for living their lives, we ask why? If someone is playing a character on screen, doesn’t mean they have to be the same in real life. We are no-one to judge them. They did their part on screen and let’s leave it to that. Stop creating the fuss about their lives, we need to grow up.






Appreciate what is good and move on

Why can’t we as a nation just be less dramatic and intolerant about a few things around us. We need to just appreciate what is good and then move on. If we like something continue and if we don’t then we have nothing to do with it. It is as simple as that.

As a nation we need to be more respectful, tolerant and be normal about things. Our celebrities need to lead the way because people listen to them. You can’t ridicule a content if you are no longer relevant yourself.


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