Pakistan Covid-19 recoveries achieves another milestone


With the rise and spike in the number of cases, discussion on government policies, criticisms on its decisions to handle crisis gaining momentum, there is some new news around the corner. Pakistan just achieved its milestone of more than 10,000 recoveries among-st its active cases. The government data base recorded 400+ recoveries in the day today, to surpass the 10k figure.

We have all been discussing the spike in number of cases, but thankfully there is good news as well. Its almost 3 weeks in Ramadan when ease on lock-downs in mosques began and Taraweeh prayers became part of Ramadan for Pakistani’s the recovery rates per day have not slowed down. Pakistan is blessed with a mutant of virus which is less deadly than in the west combined with better immune system of the population attributing to a younger age group and tough conditions in which Pakistanis live in. The rate of recovery since over a week now has more often than not presented an increase of more than 400+ patients on daily basis. Last week, more than 700 recoveries at one point were also recorded.

What this suggests is that even though it is not the time to relax one bit, we still are seeing spike in cases with prolonged levels now that most of the lock-down has been eased. We still need to ensure responsibility among-st ourselves, like the PM Imran Khan rightfully said government in a population of 200+ million cannot go to each individual and force them to practice social distancing and take precautions. The virus is still there and it is going to be present for some time. We need to be vary of this threat to ensure our health-care system which is the most fragile system of this country does not get overwhelmed with patients.


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