#Nike and #Bata two major shoe giants, providing funds and shoes for #COVID-19 heroes.


As days pass during pandemic there are a huge numbers of crisis appearing. To begin with people are loosing jobs, this is putting a heavy load on governments to provide for people who have lost their jobs. The health sector is also putting a financial strain on government, they have to provide for doctors and patients alike.

In these times of crisis many companies have pledged to help by playing their part. The companies and businesses themselves are also suffering because of a shift in their demand, as more people avoid shopping and are staying indoors.

The worst hit are our doctors and paramedics. The ones we call front-line workers. Many doctors are working extended hours, they avoid meeting their family members if they are treating COVID-19 patients. Many are quarantined. Many have contracted the disease despite all precautions taken. Most of them fought and won, while some lost the battle.
For these brave heroes many people are paying homage to celebrate their bravery. Bata and Nike known for their iconic work wear and sneakers that are specifically designed for people who spend most of their day on toes, have decided to donate their best quality shoes to doctors and nurses.

Alexis Nasard, Bata’s CEO explains in an statement,“During these unprecedented times, Bata is committed to doing everything possible to ensure the health and safety of our employees and consumers, to continue to serve our consumers to the best of our ability, and to take meaningful action to help communities in need and those on the frontlines, Now more than ever, we are committed to upholding our values and to improving the lives of our consumers, employees, suppliers, customers and communities”

Bata has also launched Bata Heroes Initiative and Bata children program to help different sectors of society by providing charities, PPE’s, masks and other necessities.
Nike is donating 30000 pairs of its AirPulse shoes designed exclusively for paramedics staff launch last year November.

Nike has partnered with Good360 and has donated 17.5$ million in sum during the pandemic.


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