Man arrested for honour killing.


Muhammad Aslam a man facing chargers of murdering his two cousins aged 18 and 16. According to the culprit alleged victims were seen in a vulgar video with a man. The video that was shot around a year ago went viral the police have also arrested maker of the video under charges of making inappropriate content.

They were murdered last week in the village of Shamplan, in Garyom region on the border of North and South Waziristan tribal districts in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. People of the village look up to feudal lords and elders for decision in the matter of law instead of police and judiciary. Because of such tribal hold oftentimes women are killed in name of honour albeit being victims or falsely accused.

A few time ago famous influencers Qandeel Baloch was also murdered in name of honour killing after her pictures with a Muslim scholar went Viral. Honour killing in remote areas is highly persistent where men of society take charge of the law and murder their female family members if the said person is accused of any form of involvement with men. Unfortunately women who go through sexual assault are also considered sinful as our society loves victim shaming.

The alleged man also took charge of a matter that should have been handled by the police. To avoid post mortem families whisk dead bodies and buried them before police could obtain them.

It is high time that women should be protected, the man in the video was not murdered like the other two women, all crimes should be taken to law and it is the police and judiciary that should decide the punishment of men and women alike.


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