Interview with Tauqir Ahmed Ex husband of Farah Sadia.



Bosal Tv a YouTube based channel has arranged an interview with Tauqir Ahmed to confirm Farah sadia’s separation with him and to dig into reason for separation.

Anchor: Please introduce yourself.

Mr Ahmed: My academic years were spent in America. I opted for a degree as a culinary expert from the famous Culinary School of America in 1997, later I obtained a Master’s degree.

I worked with Hashwani group and have been an internal manager of the Pearl Continental hotel. I am also associated with Television for long and have done many cooking shows. Currently I have an ongoing show on ATV.

Anchor: Please tell us something about your relationship with Farah Sadia.

Mr Tauqir Ahmed: I met Farah in 2012. I was invited on her show for a TV interview. After a short chit chat I came to know about how we and our families belong to same village. She was well aware that I am a married man and have a wife back in America. After some time we got married at her house nikkah ceremony was intimate with only close relatives. I have never in our marriage seen her Ex husband come and meet their children.

We had a rock solid relationship but unfortunately our differences started growing , it started with small insignificant issues like I had to go to America as my first wife was suffering from cancer. Later on there was a show in Lahore where Farah was performing that made me uncomfortable. I remember once I asked her to start wearing hijab, she followed my instructions but later on faced a terrible backlash from her colleagues.

Right now we have parted our ways, we tried to reconcile but it was difficult for both of us. We wish Farah Sadia and Tauqir Ahmed best wishes for their future.


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