Imran Khan endorses another Turkish drama for the youth of Pakistan


Post the dramatic approval of the so called Turkish game of thrones  Diriliş: Ertuğrul, Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan has come up with another recommendation of the Turkish drama series. His previous approval and attempt to air it on PTV received mixed acceptance. Where some celebrities and prominent personalities were happy to have easy access to such a hit content while others including Shaan did not like it a lot. Saying that Pakistani content still has more space to be promoted so we cannot be a part of promoting international content. Argue as much as you want Shaan, but this serious has taken the world’s attention and it was the right decision to air it on PTV.

The second recommendation from the PM is the new drama series about a Islamic Poet Yunus Emre.

The series is about a great Islamic Sufi’s life completely dedicated to Allah and His method of living a peaceful Islamic life. Words of appreciation about the serious also came from senior PTI leaders like Faisal Khan when he said “ was well versed in mystical philosophy, esp that of the 13th-century poet and mystic Jalaluddin Rumi. Serial is a great example of meticulous attention to detail work,” he added.

PM Imran Khan gave his logic behind promoting such drama content by saying “We’ve always had content from Hollywood and Bollywood which was then being showcased here. A third end culture was being promoted. That’s why I want our youth to know the difference between our values and theirs.”

Looks like the new Turkish drama is worth giving a try.


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