Heart-wrenching story documenting a loved one dying of COVID-19


For all denying the pandemic, these stories are a nudge for people who claim this is just a controversy or those youngsters who think that this virus is here to take down only the vulnerable old people. This story is narrated by a wife who lost her young husband to COVID-19.

“On Friday, 15th May, at 7:30 PM, my husband who has been battling COVID-19 breathed for the last time, to be specific time of namaz e Asar were his last moments. He was admitted in the best hospital with best treatment. He was thoroughly monitored, provided with the best medicines yet he was destined to embrace shahadah through COVID19.

I am grateful to Allah for putting everything so perfectly for us. We all became COVID negative by Sunday, which allowed Faisal to come out of isolation and I could be by his side sending him off. I was blessed to have been holding his hand as his soul raised from his body. Allah made me fulfil my promise to Faisal that I would never leave him no matter what came through our life. I stood next to him talked to him about everything, I stood there on behalf of his family as well. Conveyed all their love to him, how much they wanted to be by his side at this moment and how much they will miss him. As he was their amanat with me.

I was allowed to meet him in a placid room where doctors permitted me to perform final rituals to bid him good bye for here after. I gave him Ab-e-zam zam, I recited kalma in his ears, gave Azan in his ears, and recited some surahs on him, as I did everyday on him. As I said my final Bye to Faisal. I said “Faisal I am holding your hand, you want to go now, and you may leave. I will hold your hand so its easy for you to go, and I get the comfort of fulfilling my promise. I requested the nurses to switch off his ECMO. The doctor opened the window. They left me close to him and they all stepped back as his soul proceeded to leave his body. It was a heavily cloudy day, but in that moment, the rays of sunshine beamed through the window, shinning bright on his feet. And in 10 min the doctor told me now he is gone. I blew a farewell kiss to him and said “now you may go say bye to your girls, your parents, your brother and sister, and start your final journey. I will meet you on the other side, and request a special place for me too. For anyone I just lost my husband but in reality was a strong pillar of our family we he had left behind a legacy of our young daughters and his caring family, which will be enough for me to spend my remainder of days in this temporary world.”

This documentation of a loving family member departing like that is a chilling call to everyone that this virus lives among-st us and where it may not have killed millions yet, there is still a chance that you may get infected with severe symptoms and could cause death as well. The way Pakistani public is taking this lightly and getting busy shopping for EID, is utter lack of responsibility and awareness.


May Allah grant sabr to the grieving family



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