Famous Television anchor Farah Sadia got divorced again.


Farah Sadia is a famous Pakistan actress and anchor. In 1988 Farah Sadia became popular for her drama “bandhan”. There she met her Mr Right, she became acquainted with Mr Iqbal Hussain who was her co actor. Soon their bond grew stronger and they got hitched. Their wedding was going strong in early years they had 2 children named Abdullah and Abdur Rahman together but the wedlock soon started crumbling and the couple announced their split in 2012.

Post split Farah got married to Chaudhry Touqeer Ahmed in an intimate ceremony, the ordeal was kept a secret as demanded by Farah. Chaudry Touqeer Ahmed is one of the richest men of the country. His business is spread on all over Pakistan and in America. He also has a famous restaurant named Des Pardees in Islamabad.

The tycoon belongs to a village named Tobatech singh and is primarily a chef famous on TV.

Their marriage lasted for a good 8 years in secrecy but soon their differences became irrevocable and they ended breaking up.

Touqeer Ahmed was vocal about their split and irreconcilable differences and how the wedlock was kept a secret for long time. On other hand Farah Sadia remained quite on the matter.

Source: ImranJunior


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