Esra Bilgiç – new victim of Pakistan’s intolerance and a need to teach religion


Esra Bilgiç a famous Turkish model commonly known for her character Halima Sultana, wife of Ertugrul and mother of Usman the founder of ottoman empire. Is the next target of Pakistani’s after we have made two of our very respectable personalities apologize publicly. Maulana Tariq Jameel whom we shamed terribly just because his words weren’t suitable for us and Adnan Siddiqui who was shamed for just joking something we all are currently doing with Esra Bilgiç.

Unfortunately Pakistani’s portraying themselves as broadminded and feminist cannot handle pictures of a foreign actress culture believing she is what she looks like on-screen and religion shaming her.

To all the people trolling Esra Bilgiç on the internet they should remember that she belongs to an entirely different region or culture. Will anybody expect Jason Momoa to become a real life Aqua Man, why don’t we troll Daniel Radcliffe for not being able to do real life magic like he does in Harry Potter.

Unfortunately we don’t realize that the troll and tweets we are sending in name of “Halima baji” are representatives of  the kind of nation we are. How can a nation portray themselves to judge what is only Allah’s right.

Do we really want to make the entire world think that we have zero tolerance? The nation that cannot differentiate between fantasy and reality. Do we want to risk our good ties with Turkey because we believe it’s our moral duty to correct everyone’s sins and not look at ours? To all dear Pakistanis please stop shaming people in name of their body, lifestyle or religion this is not our religion and culture this is not our society.




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