Details of 44 million Pakistani mobile users (mostly Jazz users) leaked online; under investigation


According to circulating news around last month as much as 112 million Pakistani’s mobile data was hacked/leaked. The data included details like name, address, CNIC number, and the date of subscription. This personal data was traded for bitcoins worth of 2.1 million dollars on the dark web. Some of the details also include personal banking information and online activities.

The publication confirmed, “ZDNet has obtained copies of both data sets. We received the entire 44 million records released online today, but we also received a sample of 55 million user records that were part of the 115 million data dump. Based on the data sets, we can conclude that the two are the same.”

Upon investigating it was realized that most of the mobile data belonged to JAZZ users. Though there was data from other networks as well. Jazz as a network is feeling the heat because of the doubts on data mismanagement resulting in leak or hacking of the data.

Questions are also surrounding the possibility of an insider job or a case of misfortune. It was also confirmed that the data obtained had details of customers from 2013, maybe the hacker obtained data from the old database. There is no statement obtained from Jazz on the matter. The matter is under investigation by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and FIA since last month.

Reuterz a threat intelligence company was the first one to identify the incident in April.


*The lead of this article is ZDNet


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