Countries opening up schools- Why not Pakistan?


Despite the rising number of cases and COVID-19 still going through its peak, Pakistan is among st the list of countries fastest to opening up almost all sectors of its economy. For some people, life is just like pre-lockdown days with cities witnessing record shopping spree post 3 days of lock-down during the preparation for EID days. Recently, Supreme Court in its attempt to play a role allowed all shopping malls to open. Yesterday Jummat-ul-widah prayers along with EID congregations have been given a go ahead too.

Where Pakistan is racing fast to act if not in actuality as if everything is now normal again reminding the increase in cases still going up, other countries are using a more sensible approach. They are prioritizing most important sectors including education for children to go back to schools. However, for our country everything else, but this doesn’t seem to be a priority. It has almost been 3 months when schools closed down considering the dangers of infection and spike in cases and children as well as young students have no idea about the government’s plan to get them back to studies. Just recently South Korea followed by Germany opened its schools with strict protocols. If everything else can open in Pakistan as well then why not Pakistan can afford to open schools.

Under the new guidelines for country like South Korea where schools have opened up, it is an absolute necessity to wear masks for both teachers and students alike. Routine wiping down of desks and spraying of disinfectants will also be part of the new protocols. Windows will be kept open at all times to improve the air-flow and desks will be placed 1 meter apart.

Temperatures checks for all staff and students will be a daily practice as well. This is how the new norms at school in countries which are easing lock-downs look like. All these protocols are easy to manage and follow so our question is why Pakistani government is lacking behind in its intentions to send children and students back to schools and get the education sector rolling as well.


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