#Coronavirus is reverting people towards #onlinelearning and #webinars.



You probably have been fed with coronavirus news multiple times today, its stats, how many are affected, high profile cases etc. But what people need to talk more about is how it is changing out the norms. Soon these radical changes will become necessities as the virus becomes deep rooted with no sign of stopping.

Lockdown is easing in most parts of the world but every single citizen is required to follow 4 step precautions laid by WHO. Hands washing, wearing face masks, social distancing and staying in indoors in case you display some symptoms related to the COVID 19.

With this System of operation it is more difficult to monitor and hold large meetings which have been postponed for a long time. We don’t have such huge conference halls to accommodate many people with social distancing, then later on sanitizing the venue is also a costly procedure.

Therefore webinars are being conducted. This method has been proven effective in term of cost management. Every person is saving a lot of fuel, less number of plastic bottled water is consumed, less electricity is consumed.

Besides this online classes have also proven to be a perfect way to learn. The concept of home schooling that was faded is now becoming a norm. Staying home relives students from peer pressure about their appearance As they embrace their home dressing instead of uniforms.

This new normal is proving it self to be beneficial in many ways creating a positive wave of staying at home working.



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