Burka Avenger becomes an avatar for the new learning app for children


The new normal has changed our lives for a while, is making children at home miserable and terribly bored. There is no school, little to no outdoor play time and children are unable to meet their friends. This situation has forced many parents to allow additional screen time to their children. This screen time could become beneficial for kids if they learn productive things instead of watching toys unboxing and cartoon videos.  Many applications and games have inappropriate content too. Therefore, from the lens of an opportunity in this entire scenario, Unicorn Black, is launching a mobile app for Android that will make this quarantine period fun and informative. The avatar of this application is going to be the famous Burka Avenger.

Most people know about this famous character but for newbies Burka Avenger is an animated TV series about a female super hero who is fighting for justice wearing a burka concealing her alter ego and at the same time acting as an inspirational school teacher. Her unique weapon is Takht kabadi which is a mix of martial art and throwing books and pens.

The widely acclaimed TV series has won tons of medallion and awards like Peabody Award, International Emmy Nominee, Best TV Show: Asian Media Awards, International Gender Equity Prize: Prix Jeunesse Festival, Germany, Rising Star Award: Canada International Film Festival, Best Animation (International): LUMS International Film Festival, Award of Merit: Global Accolades Film Festival. Times magazine have tagged Burka Avenger as an inspirational character.

The application has video clips in English with activities that will improve grammar, vocabulary and attentiveness. “The learning app has been developed by Unicorn Black in collaboration with the Regional English Language Office of US Embassy Pakistan and reputed English Language Teaching experts Susan Iannuzzi and David Bohlke. Both Susan and David are experienced English language teachers and have written a number of English text books for the classrooms including for Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press.” According to the press release. Mr. Haroon producer and director of the series commented “The goal of Burka Avenger has always been to both entertain and educate the youth. Studies have shown that children learn faster when learning materials are culturally relevant.”

After Eid there will be many new episodes of Burka Avengers to watch till we wait for things going back to normal please follow the link https://www.youtube.com/burkaavenger. We wish this new app luck and hope children can learn productively from this.


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