Bundesliga becomes the first sporting league to brave-off virus lock-downs


With constant barrage of bad news and grim milestones in terms of death tolls, economic and health care collapse and rising cases still not slowing down every small positive news is good. Any news that shows a glimmer of hope towards returning to normalcy post this pandemic war is celebrated globally regardless of any country, race and religion.

Today marks another positive milestone in this war and race towards taking life to normal when Germany kick-off is its one of the biggest sporting leagues in the world German Bundesliga. Albeit behind closed doors, but the return of live sports is a real glimmer of home amidst all the darkness and negative news. Earlier Germany had announced plans to take life to normal soonest possible as it is one of the states in EU which fought the virus with real effectiveness recording lowest death %.

German government did plan to take a step back when it recorded a spike post easing of lockdowns earlier this month, but they must be appreciated in their guts to go forward and return to normal. There is also news for English Premiere League circulating to start from early June again behind closed doors. This will not only give much more hope to other industries and activities, but also this means that a lot more efforts to returning to normal are now taken with a lot of pace. The virus’s heat is slowing down, but there is concern for second and third wave as per what history suggests with prior plagues and viral infections. So it is important to keep a cautious check on how the situation is evolving and to manage and ensure the upcoming waves are not as deadly and not as prolonged.

This news will surely also bring a lot of reprise to Pakistani football fans as they will have some live sports to watch in upcoming Eid Holidays which may not be the same this year.


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