Brow Skin syndrome still haunts Bollywood as it uses dark skin to show-case poor class



Indian subcontinent has been obsessed with fair skin. People with darker tones are considered to be born unfortunate. This complex originated from the times British ruled the undivided India and always looked down upon dark skinned Indians. Times have progressed India has become India, Pakistan and Bangladesh as 3 independent countries, but unfortunately we are still stuck with brown skin hatred.

This mind-set is fueled by the cosmetics industry giving men a weapon to oppress women. The industry falsely claims to brighten skin tone and the ads are most focused on women.  Now a woman with dark skin tone has no place in society as per fairness cream advertisement. These ads leave a subconscious message enabling the need to have a white skin to fit in society.

Entertainment industry where face, skin and body matters is not too far from believing in this ridiculing prophecies. Bollywood, the second biggest entertainment industry on earth has been using brown skin to symbolize poor class and unfortunate destinies throughout their drama movies. Countless scenes and plots have featured a cosmetic appearance of an actress looking fair or dark skinned representing unfortunate life. In the other direction when it wants to portray people of class they use white skin and model like appearances. In real life also for example, Kajol a famous actress known for here olive skin tone has been said to receive treatment to make her skin tone lighter for her movie with Shahrukh Khan and Varun Dhawan named Dilwale.


We can only imagine the amount of pressure that she must have been through despite having a successful career in past. So in short nobody is spared from this hypocrisy. In this progressive world where we talk about so much progress in every department, industries like Bollywood should lead the way into making these age old prophecies invalid and non-existent.




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