Media crisis claims yet another scalp: Fasihur Rehman’s heart refuses to beat


Our very own Fasihur Rehman Khan is being laid to rest in Lahore. Eldest son, 16, and his younger sibling, 13, stand by their father’s coffin with watery eyes.

Fasih’s two young daughters, 8 and 7, are with their mom at home, shedding tears. Fasih had a massive heart strike at his rented Isb house last night, followed by a fatal brain haemorrhage. He told his wife he will not survive, I am just told.

And in an earlier message, the crystal clean Fasih had remarked twice before me that he was playing his last innings. I, of course, had ignored what I dubbed his philosophical sermon.

He was jobless for many months.

May I request and urge all here to, please do something to support this family in distress.
Please appeal to govt and any philanthropists for a sustained support.

His son just told me in graveyard, from where I am texting this message right now, that the bereaved family has been living on few savings Fasih had.

The bank account has no balance now. It was consumed by the time Fasih was leaving for his eternal abode.

By Sabir Shah


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