HBL PSL campaign is a ‘Copycat’ of IPL campaign, Can we categorize it as Indian Content?


Simply put, this agency is just an embarrassment. Every single one of you, who worked on this campaign is a ‘Chay’. I can cuss all that I want and say all that I can but people like you are the reason that this industry is fucked up. You guys have no self-respect, no honour and your moral compass is already broken because you had it in your mouth when you were going down on whoever the fuck you know will give you money.

Watch the Ads on this link: https://web.facebook.com/Admaddude/videos/2618600398370763/?t=0

You basically took a campaign, for an international asset that the country is trying to make and fucked it up by copying what the Indians did…FOR THEIR LEAGUE! BC, WTF are you guys man.

And please, pleaseeee HBL peeps, if you knew this then app bhee fuck off and if you didn’t…then please fire the agency.

I am never the one to tag/name people who have worked on campaign…but my fellow AdMadPeeps, feel free to tag and shame because these people deserve it.

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