Deadly China coronavirus outbreak updates: 2763 deaths, virus spreading all neighboring countries Iran, India and China; Pakistan on high-alert

  • The coronavirus is spreading in Europe, the Middle East and other parts of the world, while parts of China begin to lower their emergency response level as the number of new cases reported there continues to slow.
  • More deaths have been reported in Italy, while South Korea on Wednesday said an 11th person had died of the disease there. The country now has at least 1,146 cases of coronavirus after 169 more infections were confirmed, most of them in and around the city of Daegu.
  • China’s National Health Commission said there were also 52 new deaths, all of them in Hubei, the central Chinese province at the heart of the outbreak. This compared with 508 new cases – a fall of 102 – and 71 deaths a day earlier.

South Korea cases exceed 1,100

South Korea reported 169 new cases on Wednesday, bringing the total infections there to 1,146.

About 80 per cent of confirmed cases came from two clusters of infections – a branch of a religious sect in the southeastern city of Daegu and a hospital in the neighbouring county of Cheongdo, according to South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency.

Europe is also worrying

The situation facing Europe is getting more serious, with Austria, Croatia, Switzerland and Romania becoming the latest European nations to confirm cases of coronavirus. Austria has two cases. Switzerland, Croatia and Romania have one each.

Italian authorities updated their death toll to 11. Four additional deaths were reported in Italy on Tuesday. In Spain, the H10 Costa Adeje Palace Hotel in Tenerife – where an Italian man who has tested positive for the virus was staying – has been locked down.

Iran’s deputy health minister infected

Iran has the highest number of deaths outside China, with 16 people killed by the coronavirus.

Iran’s deputy health minister Iraj Harirchi, who was seen coughing during an interview on state TV, has tested positive for the coronavirus.

A group of Canada-based public health experts, including Ashleigh Tuite from the University of Toronto, said a large epidemic in Iran – could further fuel global dissemination of Covid-19. Between February 19 and 23, Iran reported its first 43 cases with eight deaths.


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