Abid Abdullah joins Din Media Group as Group President


Abid Abdullah joins Din Media Group as Group President.

He is working as a Media Master since more than two decades, under a roof of storms.. even; can’t let his courage down as he is habitual of making storms to stay calm; except the take-off of Jehan Pakistan.

He has been working as a strategy maker both operational as well as functional with taking care of exceptional communication skills. He believes in BOT Theory (i.e. Build, Operate & Transfer), and his career profile is an open secret of it. Whether it’s on the part of Jang group & Geo TV Network, Daily Express & Express TV Network, Interflow group or on the part of Jehan Media Group. He not only believes in graft the routine tasks, but he has a strong faith in building new and updated platforms to work upon.

In media, the urge of the revolutions is as common as that of a routine task of a professional man. Therefore, his strategies are a crystal clear example of what his visions are. Whether it’s working with the electronic media or print, He has gone t through the things preferable for the company’s best interest.

This time around, as the MD of Din Media Group, Abid Abdullah will be managing all aspects of a news channel i.e. Sales and Marketing, Content of the Channel, News room management and taking channel to the 2nd tier channel, which is not an easy task to do. This is indeed a good sign for Din Media group as now they have a visionary leader to take the channel to the next level.

Mediabites wish Abid Abdullah the very best of luck!


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