Why Aap News in haste, collecting Tier ll anchors?


Aap News is now being run by new management. They are trying their best to fix the things in quick time. Top management from Bahria Town has taken the control of the channel and trying their best to fill the all spots of prime time in haste. One can easily see lack of maturity and no political insight while taking new faces on board. One has to understand that ‘Aap News’ is in its second launch phase, in a tough news channel industry. One can get a second chance but not a third chance and this is a decisive factor to take ‘Aap News’ to the next level.

Let’s see what faces they will be bringing on screen to lure the people of Pakistan. As a viewer, I would suggest them not to hire new people for the sake of hiring. Yesterday I watched a promo of Wasi Shah running on Aap news, confirming his arrival. Did anyone in the management check the popularity level of Wasi Shah? Can anyone recall where was he working last time? What was his contribution in ratings of the show? This is just a filler and sadly not a rating puller for the viewership. One begins to wonder, why Wasi Shah then? Can anyone share a single USP (unique selling point of Wasi Shah)?

Mubashar Lucman is no doubt a big name, but he has lost his magic since a long time. Aap News must come out of picking from FnF basket if they want to run the channel on professional grounds and be a successful FnF 1st tier news channel. Mubashar Luqman was on 24 News before joining the Aap News and the sales and marketing team of 24 news sighed a huge sigh of relief after his exit. They told me that it was very tough to sell Mubashar Luqman. He is neither an attention puller nor a ratings puller. No doubt he was once a number one anchor but after many controversies (once started from Dunya News), he is now more than a liability for any news channel.

In the current scenario of a bad media situation, his induction in Aap News is not a wise decision. Trust me he is more successful on his personal Youtube channel ‘Basghi’ than making any slot a sold-out slot.

Another new face on Aap News is PJ Mir. For the readers, I must tell his last job was with Din News. PJ Mir is not an anchor of the current era. His laid back style takes the audience to the early 90s. How can he strengthen the prime time slot of a channel in its surviving phase. It’s a known fact that ‘Aap News’ has no issues regarding funds but sadly some sharp minds seem to be missing in the decision making process.

We had already written that ‘Ghareeda Farooqi’ was not a right pick for the 8pm slot where they have to compete with Kashif Abbasi, Hamid Mir, Kamran Shahid and Nadeem Malik. She can neither match the expertise and maturity of the above mentioned names or can pull an aundience. After that bad move, 10pm slot must be filled with some real big name to counter Kamran Khan and Shahzeb Khanzada. But seems management doesn’t want to enter in the tier-1 race; they feel comfortable in the race of tier-2 and tier-3 channels race. We can all but wish them good luck.

By: Imran Malik & Sanaa Khalid


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