The Trampling Tramp on a Trampoline! “A man is known by the Company he keeps.”


The Trampling Tramp on a Trampoline

“A man is known by the Company he keeps.”

The kitten is out of the bag. She is the fiery kitten whose ‘meow’ has shook the PTI ministers one by one. Her highly symbolic video at the PM office was an indication of her plans. The men literally fell at her feet. She is the queen of the new internet ‘Harem’. After Qandeel, PTI faces an embarrassment far outside the measures of expression. Lust and vulgarity driven Hareem Shah and her partner Sundal Khattak are making men moan.

It is not a question of whether such a thing has ever happened before or that PTI is the only party to have fallen victim of it. Men will always be men. Men who get caught while being blindsided in lust is a totally different scenario. PTI’s efforts to make this country pure fall short whenever Hareem manages to wave her wand. Her father’s plea despite looking authentic did little to the whore who sells herself for 1500 Rs. only has serviced many men in the cabinet perhaps.

Today when Fawad Chaudhry defended his honour by slapping Mubasshar Luqman, it all but glorified the tramp. If all this prancing around the neighbourhood and making men swoon to her tunes gets you an asylum in Canada, perhaps other girls in the trade might just do the same. While even hypocrites and so-called gentlemen are being exposed by a tick, perhaps a better vetting process is needed by the government.

All the important work by the government gets buried down, Kashmir issue subsides and thus we are left with a sleeper agent of sorts who was born to ridicule the men she meets. It is not that the previous governments never indulged in such acts. It’s just that they were better at the cover-up which is why they have evaded the justice for so long.

PTI’s ministers can’t seem to get out of Hareem’s spell and continue to be enchanted. The Black book of videos could be real or fake. We should all but never take the word of a woman hell bent on making Pakistan regress and become further morally vulgar. As far as the men who fell down or will fall down should either come clean, resign or simply move into isolation. Their actions have embarrassed us way too much. They should not hinder the image of Pakistan any further. Let’s just pray this mess meets an end where Hareem and her partner goes away from this country forever.

By S. Sanaa Khalid


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