The Nation Editor Salim Bokhari quits, Resident Editor Islamabad/KPK Salman Masood has been promoted to Editor


The Nation Editor Salim Bokhari and his newsroom team quit and Resident Editor Islamabad/KPK has been promoted to Editor.

Mr. Salim Bokhari, Editor of The Nation and his entire newsroom staff, resigned on Wednesday in protest over ten months of unpaid wages. The resignations went to show the state of Pakistani media, that has seen wholesale layoffs, salary cuts, closure of news outlets, and wage delays in the last two years.

Bokhari, who joined The Nation in November 2010, is a journalism veteran with over 40 years of experience. The paper he edited is part of the Waqt Media Group that abruptly shut down its television channel Waqt News in October 2018 and sacked all staff. Among those who resigned were some long-serving employees, including the chief news editor.

Mr. Salman Masood has taken over as Editor of The Nation from January 8, 2020. Mr. Salman Masood was earlier Resident Editor Islamabad and Khyber-Pakhthunkwa of the paper. He has a vast experience of working with international and local newspapers and specializes in coverage of politics, international relations, and terrorism.

He started his journalism career in 2001 when he started working with The New York Times. In 2009, he contributed to The New York Times reporting team that won the prestigious Pulitzer Prize for coverage of Pakistan and Afghanistan. In 2013-2014, he acted as Editor of Pique, a political and lifestyle magazine. He wrote for Abu Dhabi based The National from 2008-2011. Salman Masood holds a Master’s degree in International Relations.


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