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The social fabric of a society can be judged by the way the children are treated. The UN’s vision of Children’s rights seems to echo only where they themselves deem fit. Pakistan has endured endless scrutiny and is now a hub of social evils because of the previous corrupt elements. The children of Pakistan seem to suffer the most when it comes to abuse. Be it sexual or related to drugs, there seems to be an infinite number of targets on our backs.

The PM just launched an App called Zindagi for drug prevention. At a time like this when chaos is circling around, any form of a stable measure should be greeted wholeheartedly. The young ones are too immature to make decisions on their own. Schools are being targeted and the fresh blood is getting hooked on drugs for pleasure. The sad reality is getting more grim by the minute. From technological dependency to drug abuse, our kids are being subjected to an immeasurable amount of social evils. The statistics only tell half of the story. Many are unreported incidents.

The children in Pakistan whether rich or poor are not under supervision. In fact even parents are blindsided and do not give proper attention to the kids. Right or wrong, difference in attitude gets buried in the midst of social engagements. This makes me question the reason parents are too eager to start a family but lack interest when it comes to raising them. We shouldn’t be silent on the issue of drug abuse any further. As a nation and despite being from any profession, we should not let our children go down the path of self-destruction any longer.

The Mafias that have swiped our country through various social evils cannot and should not win. According to the PM, the police raid was also busted because of the godfathers. Evil forces maybe bigger in number, but doesn’t mean we should give up. Stoic resignation doesn’t help anyone. We are seeing reformation slowly and surely. Quick cash and quick recovery are simply temporary. Slow and steady always wins the race. All we need is a clear mindset and a heart-felt desire and effort to make amends. Let us not let our children suffer further. Pray for their safety and guard their future.

By S. Sanaa Khalid


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