Pre and Post Partition Blunders: A Brief Chapter in the Past and Present


A Brief Chapter in the Past and Present

My paternal grandfather was Dr. Abdul Majid (late) . A Gillani Syed and also a Major in the Pakistan Army. Back in the 1950s he worked as a scientist and researcher to eradicate Malaria. Back in the 50s Pakistan was considered a force to be reckoned with. Slowly we started regressing. After an era of socialization and radicalization and then unprecedented corruption, we are finally seeing a new dawn There used to be an Institute for the eradication of malaria in the 50s. Now we look at the West and wish to seek refuge for Dengue, typhoid and Polio and Aids outbreaks. Nawaz Sharif’s platelets issue was an example of a hysterical mass media show down. He had to literally run to England. The only thing they know how to is running, Its ironic how their slogan is that of a tiger. He is of the most corrupt politicians of our entire country, despite being convicted got evicted out of the country. A master manipulator managed to get out.

Although I am proud of my grandfather, I can’t help but be disappointed by the state of this country. Our current Prime Minister Mr. Imran Khan and his cabinet are trying their best to eradicate the mistakes of the past but there are way too many. He fixes on one edge and the other starts spilling. Probably because there are so many forces of the past still out to make our country weak. Our Nation has been crippled by many provincial, national and international agendas. Illegal money-making seems to be the biggest indicator out of all of them. Money laundering has been proven but most of the people are still in denial.

What is happening in our country has been mainly because the politicians of the past have failed to provide the poor people adequate necessities to live a better life. Diseases are common for a developing country. Doctors seem to be more interested in their benefits to actually cure patients. Dengue, polio, strikes, poverty, aids and wastage of resources. All these are making it hard and not letting us become a better country. We have to ask for aid while the corrupt either get bailed to manipulate us further.

Had our past governments kept the researches going instead of just focusing on weapons of destruction, maybe the people would not have suffered more. Both India and Pakistan are suffering a lot because of Pre-partition and Post-Partition blunders. There should be no question to the Two-Nation Theory. But since we are seeing the megalomaniac Modi making a spectacle of himself in front of the entire world, I just wish we could have given importance to the development of people.

We would have had more educated people rather than poverty-stricken people or materialistic people involved in all kinds of social-evils. First we saw the separation of Bangladesh in the 70’s. Zia murdered democracy and then lost his life in a mysterious plane crash. Nawaz Sharif, the eternal opportunist came and with his Mughal Emperor-like stature made our company a mere target for tyranny. Since the 80’s, especially we are seeing the deconstruction of Pakistan happening at great lengths. In the turn-wise government of PMLN, PPP and dictatorship we just kept seeing destruction. Evil cannot win forever. Be it outside or inside, I have full faith on the current government. May Allah grant them success.

By S. Sanaa Khalid


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