Could AdAsia 2019 at Lahore be made a more powerful event for Brands of Pakistan?


The tremors created by AdAsia 2019, even after its conclusion, continue to move and shake the emotional ground of media circles of Lahore. Several voices from within the marketing and advertising circles have raised their voice about the low-key emphasis maintained prior to the event which led to downplaying the importance of the event, leaving behind sour taste of missed opportunity for many mouths.

A representative from a prominent English Daily highlighted that not many media groups and reporters were engaged nor invited by the event organizers and invitation was selective which while created an exclusivity of the event, but limited the scope of outreach and publicity to a much smaller scale rather than through inclusivity which could have made the event even more larger for public visibility and national outreach.

Many powerful brands of International and Local repute could have gained a lot of marketing mileage, had they taken the plunge to brand-cash from this grand marketing opportunity. We analyze a few prominent companies and rant on what could have been achieved by them at AdAsia 2019.

Nestle Pakistan:

Nestle is not shy when it comes to capitalizing on grand marketing opportunities, however during AdAsia 2019, this global giant maintained a luke warm presence, some small level activation and “dulhan shy” branding presence was visible, but none of it was reminiscence of the traditional Nestle Pakistan brand campaigns. Perhaps a more aggressive approach of being the main sponsor or at-least becoming co-sponsors during the event would have been more at par of the level at which Nestle places itself during prominent brand marketing events both in Pakistan and abroad. Keeping in view the intensity and level of the event, Nestle Pakistan could have used the AdAsia 2019 advantage by highlighting its many brand successes, sadly this was left only to imagination.

PEL Pakistan:

Though the CEO of PEL, Mr. Murad Sehgal and their media agency, Red Communication led by Ms. Sabeen Saigol were both spotted at the conference, but love was truly lost, as no participation by such a powerful local brand graced the occasion of AdAsia 2019.

Haier, Orient and Waves:

The two consumer electronic giants, Haier going higher in the international consumer electronic arena, and Waves creating recent market waves in the consumer electronic industry chose to stay away from showcasing their brand and marketing collateral during the AdAsia 2019 event. While there were several opportunities during which these two could have demonstrated their true brand muscle and kept the audience in awe through latest innovative products. Sadly, no such occasion transpired and a great opportunity for leveraging on consumer recall was lost as the event came to close.

Shezan and Mitchell’s:

The Confectionary giant and the Breakfast Food favorite house hold brands with a tasteful line of popular products carry a lot of market weight on their powerful brand shoulders, though both could have used this event to rejuvenate their brands and products for the tasteful audience, but sadly no lids of the marmalade jars popped open, and no juices flowed to quench the thirst of thousands of international and local visitors that graced the AdAsia 2019 through their presence.

Hamdard and Qarshi:

The Dawakhana Genius of Hamdard made good of the event by showcasing a very powerful presence of complete product range from Rooh Afza to Karmina during all three days of the AdAsia event, however sadly, Lahore being the home ground for Qarshi was missing all the action, not known is even if their brand team made an effort to check out what the competition was up to in their own home city.

Kashmir Banaspati:

Kashmir Banaspati is not shy when it comes to positioning brand image and products through expensive sponsorships and marketing campaigns during international events i.e. Kashmir HUM Awards in Canada and USA, however sadly, the Kashmir cause appeared to be lost when it came to capitalizing on opportunities at home. With such a diversified audience, it could have been strategically correct for Kashmir Group to brand case their name during AdAsia 2019, sadly what glitters abroad is never the gold at home.

Sufi Group:

Sufi Group’s products and fast food adventure experience was also missed during the AdAsia 2019, the event could have been a fresh serving for their complete product and services offering, alas they too missed the event, and the connoisseurs of Sufi’s delicious food items remained hungry and wondering why such a powerful emerging name didn’t choose to take advantage of the AdAsia advantage when it was right there for the taking.

Given the absence of many powerful and prominent big names of Pakistan from AdAsia 2019, such as Master Paints, ICI, Mayfair, Bisconni, Menu etc., one is left to wonder if these companies were actually approached? Were they briefed well about the impact and level of AdAsia2019? And most importantly what was experienced of their presence was really their response?


By: Imran Malik & Asif Jahanian 


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