AdAsia2019 and New CEO GroupM?


Yesterday AdAsia2019 finally concluded after three days of presentations, discussions, and fun. These three days were roller-coaster for the organizers and for all those who came to enlighten them for the new developments in Advertising and Media especially in digital media. Alhmara, a historical place for the historical event witnessed the more refined and quality content for the consecutive three days. The coffee/tea areas and park for lunch buffets were the places where besides the AdAisa2019 the more discussed topic was ‘Who will be the next CEO of GroupM’? From whispers to gossips to serious suggestions most of the concerned were silent before disclosing any name. Almost whole the advertising and media fraternity from Karachi was present on the conference except the few big names i.e. Tahir A. Khan, Raihaan Merchant, Ahsen Idress and Jamal Mir etc.

On the first day of the conference the name circulating for the slot was from within the group, a humble, kind and smart man attached to the group for more than a decade. But no one was ready to open the lip on this name even the body language of the person himself was giving a ‘Yes’. Even on the second day the same name was among most favorite list and many media executives were in a mode to give an advance ‘MubarakBaad’.

But in Pakistan, almost all matters from politics to economy from policies to media things nothing is smooth sailing. Though this name seemed to be favorite for the first two days of the conference, on the third day a big name also surfaced and till the conference’s concluding Macao night’s dinner at PC this name was getting momentum in the corridors of PC Hotel. I was out in the corridors of PC for an urgent ‘P’ break, the name of this media giant echoing more strongly even in the corridors.

Even some circles of the media during the lunch/coffee/tea breaks of AdAsia2019 were highlighting the factor of Karachi vs Lahore even for this strong professional post; which i think does n’t matter on such big level but we can’t stop the gossips even coming from the top circles. Some of the senior gentlemen were even thinking even beyond that and were guessing that if the ‘Option A’ comes in power then the media battleground will be more interesting and was convinced that it would be a ‘blessing in disguise’.

Let’s see how the things move forward and who will hold the reins of this ‘big’ post, we can’t stop guessing but whoever comes must be ready for a Himalayan challenge in front of him.

Comment by Imran Malik


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