Anila Khawaja: A sole media warrior taking PM Pakistan to new heights


For any Institution, Organization or Government, Information spokespersons play vital role to establish mass opinion about the objective of leadership.

Most of people (common men) are not aware about brilliant Ms. Anila Khawaja who is helping PM Imran Khan on International stage.  She is engaged with PTI since 2005 and has done tremendous job to enhance face of PTI and IK.

Before elections PTI Chairman had many interviews with top international TV channels and publications which boosted a positive image of Khan on intentional arena. The only name behind this all projection of IK to the international media was Anila Khawaja. When Imran Khan became the PM of Pakistan she went back to her home ground, UK. In a recent move she is back and is heading the International duties of PTI and IK as Head of International Media. And just after this induction in PTI media she has done a great job in arranging Khan’s interviews to top media groups i.e. CNN, Fox News, TRT, New York Times, Al Arabiya, Al Jazeera and RT etc.

She tried her best to take on board the PM of Pakistan on foreign media covering the all continents; yet she has to do a lot of work to engage the publications from China and Australian regions.

As far as domestic spokespersons are concerned, IK is lacking to appoint any person up to the level of Anila. This is the reason, IK is loosing image in domestic politics, on the other hand, PTI and IK has fantastic image in the International politics due to the hard work being done by educated and talented persons like Anila Khawaja.

In view of her talent and intelligence, it is highly recommended that she must be given an important role by PM, IK within Pakistan in order to boost moral of PTI supporters and convey positive message of Government  to media and the nation which is not being successfully being handled by current  persons. This will not only gain support of people of Pakistan but also will lead to feel and comfort level by nation if the message is given by such groomed and talented personnel.

Consequently, appointing right person on right job is always a first basic step towards success and our PM must reshuffle his staff and give roles to only such educated and talented people.


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