The war between the two singers has ended! – Lahore High Court dismissed Shafi’s case against Ali Zafar


With time, Pakistan’s showbiz industry is growing rapidly but so are the politics between celebrities in the industry. One of the most famous case everyone has been updated with is the one between Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi.

Their case has surely taken a turn that was unexpected. Yes! The Lahore High Court has dismissed Meesha Shafi’s case against the allegations she placed on Ali Zafar. The singer and actor later tweeted, “Fake allegations by opportunists can destroy lives & undermine genuine victims.”

The case officially started in April 2018, when Shafi blamed Zafar for harassing her on several occasions. She even tweeted about it back then, stating,“I have been subjected, on more than one occasion, to sexual harassment of a physical nature at the hands of a colleague from my industry: Ali Zafar.” 

This prompted huge controversies all over the Pakistani showbiz. Along with Urwa Hocane, may other female actors defended Shafi for the courageous act and for standing up against sexual harassment which is very common in our society.

However, even back then, Ali kept knocking off all the blames and accusations being placed on him. He stood strong with his word and said, “I categorically deny any and all claims of harassment lodged against me by Ms Shafi.”

Later, a slandering notice of Rs 1 billion was sent to Meesha by Ali’s lawyer. In the notice Zafar advised Shafi to remove her tweet that was demeaning him and to apologize for it along with paying 1 billion to him.

Zafar  even urged Shafi to stop with all the false allegations and blames. He broke down during a TV interview while talking about the case saying, The language used by her [Meesha’s] lawyer for me, is that the language used by a lawyer? She claims to be a human rights activist, but does anyone say that about someone’s family?”

After an year long finally, the case has been dismissed and the singer/actor Ali Zafar is thrilled and happy more than ever.

However it had been the “hot topic” among the showbiz industry. Now the only thing left to think is how the vocalist Meesha Shafi reacts to the decision made by the Lahore High Court and all the rest who supported her in making Ali Zafar the bad guy.


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