Will Fawad Khan be rejoining the music industry?


In the midst of crisscrossing laser lights and extraordinary electronica, Fawad went ahead stage and began with a serenade, gradually working up to a resounding youth song of praise. The former lead vocalist of EP, now a famous well renowned actor once again, revived his musical talents in front of the world with the new song “Uth Jaag”.  Surely, it was dormant but very much alive.

What’s more, since he has released it in front of an audience, was this a sign that Fawad might wander into new musical direction once again? He responded, “yes, I maybe”. He continued, “This could be the direction that I would want to take should I pursue music in the future.”

Fawad does not firmly confirm the thought that he may be perusing a career in music in the future. As an actor and singer, he has always been very careful with his choice of words, making sure to not give out any huge declarations or anything.

With a much appreciated fresh youth anthem in Pepsi Battle of the Bands season finale,the singer-turned-actor-turned-singer does a quick summary of his previous successes and failures while remaining ambiguous about his future.

-The making of “Uth Jaag”

Fawad expresses his love for the band Depeche Mode. He continues by talking about his interest in the electronic music and how he was interested in it since day but did not have the resources to pursue. Since last year, he started to shake up his studio and invested more in enigmatic equipment. And for the this latest track, he combined all of these sounds and expected to build music from it like the kind he has been trying to follow.

It’s a path that is valued by fans based on the rave reviews on the internet. ‘ Uth Jaag ‘ is guided by pure,strong energy, which can be ascribed to the mingling of the various electronic music that drives it forward.

Connoisseurs have been contrasting this track with his previous EP music when Fawad was only recognized as the lead in a hard rock band. Moreover, the younger generation has been appreciating and promoting the kind of new music that is born in the Pakistani industry rather than the usual soft, romantic kind of tracks.

Fawad further states, “It was while I was recording one of the BOTB episodes that I figured out the theme that I wanted to follow with the song. It was going to be a conversation between man and time.” He and Xulfi (the producer of the song and his former band member) decided that the song would be a reflection of a conversation between man and time giving it a very intense-ful feeling.

He also agrees it was his idea about the laser lights shot through the stage and that it was something he always looked forward to doing, because it matched with the track giving it a deeper techno vibe.

-Hit or miss?

During the interview Fawad was asked if he was worried if this project would be a success or a failure, in regard to his previous soundtrack “Khel Dewano Ka” which was composed for the Pakistani cricket team and was not highly appreciated by the public. He replied by stating that he would always be concerned about a project that he releases, be it a drama or a soundtrack since nothing is certain  in the music industry. He very calmly and politely  said that even tho “Khel Dewano Ka” was a flop, he took it as an opportunity to learn from it instead. Rather than thinking of it as a failure, i accepted it as a challenge to improve what I was doing wrong. He further adds that this is the process of learning and not letting the negativity get to you.

Why did he aim for something that was not common with the locals, so what made him experiment this? Fawad answered saying that he would much rather compose something he and a minority of the audience is pleased with rather than aiming for something that is common among the larger audience and with which he wouldn’t be satisfied.

His words seem to be accurate especially when one sees his acting profession. Fawad’s acting rendezvous have been rare just in light of the fact that he is supposedly extremely fastidious about the contents he signs on to. It is basic information that an enormous number of late shows and movies that continued to end up gigantic hits — and hopeless lemon — were at first offered to Fawad. They streamed down to different on-screen characters later.

Meanwhile, Fawad cleared his own way, turning into a judge for BOTB and acting in the film The Legend of Maula Jutt, which made monstrous waves with its trailer toward the start of the year yet to be declare a release date. Does he lament turning down ventures that could have brought increasingly business and basic recognition his way? “I have never regretted not signing on to a project but there have been times when I have regretted doing a project,” he says.

Returning to the original topic of BOTB, Fawad was asked if he agreed with the critics that the present season was not as compelling as the previous ones? He answers, there is always room for improvement and that he is unaware of the bases the critics base their judgment on. Although, he says that he believes that the show has improved over the years and has stuck to its sole purpose.

Lastly, BOTB has likewise kept Fawad Khan in the spotlight, while he contemplates over the correct task to do and the bearings wherein he needs to direct his profession. It has kept his fans satisfied while they hang tight for him to take over TV screens once more.

As splendid as can be, the new song of BOTB is not enough for the fans. They are always encouraging him to give more and he will have to do so.


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