#VictoriaBeckham in our closets and our makeup collections – Beckham to launch new beauty brand


The 45-year-old fashion stylist has directed her concentration toward fore fronting a “clean beauty movement” and the majority of the items used in Victoria Beckham Beauty have been created utilizing “just the cleanest ingredients”. This beauty brand has been co-founded by the former head of make-up marketing and product development at Estée Lauder Sarah Creal who will also be serving as chief executive.

“I have always been beauty obsessed, and I want to create beauty solutions that address my customers from head to toe, inside and out.”, said the former singer of spice girls about her new journey.

Currently the stock isn’t in a much variety. The products include, smoky eye bricks – a compact eye shadow palette – which are on sale for £48, while single ‘lid luster’ eyeshadows cost £28 and eyeliners are £20. Lip and skin items will be made accessible sooner rather than later.

A recent video has been over instagram, where Victoria appears in the laboratory while one of the bricks are being created. Beckham emphasizes on how this is a dream come true for her on working on something like this. She believes make up is an important part of a woman’s life because women need to feel confident and empowered in a world we live in. And this definitely is the first step to coming closer.

She continued how she loves talking about her daily skin routine, what vitamins to be taken and this beauty brand is just the top of the ice berg. It’s not about skincare that makes you look more fresh and younger, instead it’s tied in with being simply the best form of yourself.

The packaging of the products will be using recycling or reusable materials and the plastic will be at its minimal.


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