TV Ratings of Award and Talk shows falling drastically. Emmy awards dives to all-time low but social media likes it


The U.S. television audience for the Emmy Awards show, celebrating the best of television, slumped to 6.9 million viewers, its lowest ever level, but the show was a hit on social media.

According to Nielsen ratings data on Monday, the TV audience dropped by more than 32% from last year’s ceremony, which at the time was a record low of 10.2 million U.S. viewers.

The Emmy awards, broadcast live on Fox on Sunday, awarded its highest honors to medieval fantasy drama and fan favorite “Game of Thrones” and quirky British comedy “Fleabag.”

The three-hour ceremony in Los Angeles was broadcast without a host against stiff competition from “Sunday Night Football” on NBC which drew the largest audience on Sunday with 16.3 million viewers.

Major award shows have been losing ground with the public in recent years, although the Oscars in February, which featured performances by rock band Queen and Lady Gaga, bucked the trend by rising some 10 percent to some 29.6 million U.S. viewers.

Yet Nielsen and Fox data showed that despite the slump in TV viewers, the awards show was the most social program across broadcast and cable television. Interactions on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram were up 11% over 2018, the data showed.

On Twitter, “Game of Thrones” was the most tweeted about show, followed by social justice drama “When They See Us,” nuclear accident series “Chernobyl,” “Fleabag” and thriller “Killing Eve.”

Nielsen television ratings only count those watching at home, not in public bars, restaurants or other venues.

Same is happening in Pakistan with talk shows as talk shows have become more than insane battle grounds for political parties. One plus three format is simply destroying the political media fabric of Pakistan as using hard abusing words against each other has become a norm these days. There is no education in the political shows than some knowledgeable discussions.

The anchors of the talk shows have become pawns in the hands of political parties to do their point-scoring successfully. This trend badly hit the ratings of political shows. We recently talked to people of different fields on the plight of our talk shows and mostly said that they have not watched any political show since weeks. Mostly have switched to entertainment channels and sports due to ”dimagh-ki-dahi” of our talk shows.


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