Sweet & Salty in one! Try out KFC’s new Chicken/Donut sandwiches. Would this be a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ for you?


Very impatiently we’re all waiting for something we might have never experienced before…yes! You’re thinking right. KFC is planning on trying something knew this September which is a combination of their delicious fried chicken and glazed donuts. This could either be brilliant or a crazy idea.

Customers now will be presented with two different kinds of options, a $5.59 chicken & donuts basket which would include chicken tenders and donuts, and the much more exciting option which would be a juicy tender patty between two delicious glazed donuts buns. Yummy!

Well, to be perfectly candid, the combination of sweet and salty is a little bit tempting. KFC is either on to something new or just capitalizing their sandwich craze.

One way or another, this offer is limited and will stay just for a few days. Although the brand hasn’t much told about till when this offer will remain. This is still not offered all over the nation, only in Norfolk and Richmond, Virginia, and Pittsburgh.

Lastly, if you are weirdly interested in fried chicken sandwich thingys, then don’t be disheartened because KFC wont let you down. They also offer a Cheetos chicken sandwich over the summer. Do don’t worry be prepared to enjoy the different yet exciting meals from KFC.


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