Emporium Cinema Video Leaked: ‘The sad truth about our society’


When you make a video of someone or an accident, you would think the right this is to spread awareness and point out the lack of morality in the society, but many times videos in Pakistan are made which eventually lead to peoples lives being in danger and and hence their world falling part for them.

Yesterday at a cinema house in a mall in Lahore some boys and girls were caught doing indecent acts by the CCTV cameras which were leaked. The person in charge of monitoring the camera made videos from his phone of the acts and put it up all over the social media. And that video spread like a fire in a forest on social media.

Now the broadcaster didn’t think the boys and girls’ faces could be clearly identified in these videos. Without thinking of the kind of society he lives in, where a father or brother is ready to kill their daughters/ sisters in the name of honor just because she married someone she loves. His conscience did not even consider the reaction of the parents and the consequences these children would have to face.

Especially considering the girls and what their future would hold for them?!The leaker of the videos did not even think that not only the boys and girls, but that this act would put their entire familys life at stake and the dishonor that would fall upon them. And not to forget, hats off to these girls and boys who did not think twice before indulging in such acts in a public place, even after ignoring the clear signs on the cinema wall that said “Night vision cameras are installed inside the halls for security.”  This is not the first time such videos have been leaked.

Earlier, photos taken from cameras of the Islamabad Safe City project, in which couples can be seen sitting in cars, have gone viral on the internet and have raised concerns among citizens about their privacy. The Safe City project came under heavy criticism when the camera did not work in connection with the murder of SP Tahir Dawar and people saw that the purpose for which these cameras were installed was not being fulfilled apart from it, all other work is being taken from them. Four officers were suspended from the job after nude pictures of a woman were leaked from these camera.

If cities are to be made Smart City or Safe City, strict and comprehensive rules of data protection will have to be made, otherwise the staff sitting on the monitor will use people’s data, blackmail them with their vehicle numbers, and instead of having citizens feel safe, they will become more insecure. Another similar case was surfaced where such videos of boys and girls at an internet cafe were leaked too. What happened in Lahore is morally wrong, which can be seen in these videos, but it is more about those who were willing to leak these videos instead of security.

This is an act of “breach of privacy” seen by the law. The boys and girls affected by the cinema staff can file a lawsuit against them and the leaker can be sentenced to 2 to 7 years of punishment, but this matter is something that they will never bring to the forefront. And to the people who are saying that since this was happening in a public place, it is not the Breach of Privacy, I want to let them know that it is illegal to take a photo or video of someone without their permission. And it is illegal that these videos were made in the first place and later leaked on the internet without even the individuals having a clue about what is happening.

In Pakistan and many countries like it, there are different rules for dressing up in the public, which apply to the citizens, and then some citizens have their own responsibility to think about where they are doing and especially where. In France, it is important to cover the chest and the private parts if we talk about the rules of dress, shoulders and knees should be covered in Qatar, women in Sudan must wear socks, in the UK, anyone caught in a sexual act may be legally in trouble. In the same way, in Pakistan you cannot do anything so openly but all these things are lawful. One of the social problems in our country is that people here have to face such humiliation by their family in getting married, getting married early or getting married for the second time, or making it very difficult for them to get married themselves, that people now find it easier to have a date instead.

Even then, they have to face a great number of difficulties. If you are sitting in the park or in the car with a boy or girl, the police will first come to harass you and ask for the marriage contract, if not that, they will force you to bribe them. On several occasions, the demand and willingness of the girl to be in that particular place has also been reported. From the critics of the boys and girls seen in these videos, I urge you to start reading this column to count how many relationships you have and how much you like the opposite sex.

The maker has created attraction for both men and women, and inclining towards each other is a natural process. All we need is to find a way about how to make this natural process decent and acceptable. And how to explain to the young generation that everything and every work has a time and place to take place and this is determined by our religion and most importantly the society we belong to because we live in a society of human beings, not in the wild jungles.


By: Barirah Abdul Khaliq


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