Cyril Almeida – The ‘Don’ of Dawn Editorial is back!


The ‘Don’ of Dawn media group, known journalist, Cyril Almeida is back and has started writing for Dawn editorial once again. His first article has appeared in Dawn’s last Sunday with the title ‘The Regime’. He was away from Dawn for almost eight months after being on the news for ‘Dawn Leaks’, which shattered the politics of Pakistan and will surely take a long time to be forgotten.

Although, it is a little hard for the common people to understand, the way he puts forward his articles is appreciated and loved by many readers all over the world. His article – The regime  — as usual hit hard the establishment and the government of the Prime Minister Imran Khan. That clearly shows that Dawn is back on track to stuck the horns with the big guns of Pakistan. A few days ago, they published a huge story against Malik Riaz and his empire, Bahria town, which was countered by the Express group by openly criticizing the Dawn news fist fully.

Not a big fan of the PM and the political party PTI, Almedia writes in his latest article: “Imran has landed himself in an awkward and potentially perilous situation.”

Earlier this year, in January, Almedia announced he would not be contributing to the editorial pages every Sunday, due to previous incidents where he got dragged in controversies which led to court cases against him. In October 2016, his story on the meeting of National Security Committee caused an uproar. Although the latter PMLN government rejected the story, his name was briefly put on the exit control list (ECL).

In May 2018, Almedia’s interview of Nawaz Sharif led to a treason case against him and the editor of Dawn, Zaffar Abbas. Sharif maintained that the militant organizations were active in Pakistan and asked if “should we allow them to cross the border and kill 150 people in Mumbai? Explain it to me. Why can’t we complete the trial?”

In April 2019, he was given the International Press Institute’s 2019 World Press Freedom Hero award. One thing is crystal clear in Pakistan, that no matter what the reason was or that a write had been the cause of such an enormous fuss in Pakistani politics, the media houses are so strong that recruiting such writers does not bother them anymore.

Veteran journalist Mohammed Hanif phrase must suffice by way of elaboration: “[Imran] Khan has politicized a whole generation, only to deliver it into servitude to Pakistan’s old establishment.”

Columnist Umair Javed also patted Cyril on the back. “Feels like Sunday again. Welcome back, @cyalm.”

ARY News presenter Arshad Sharif also quoted lines from the article in welcoming back Cyril. “Just because Imran is flailing around doesn’t automatically have to mean that a better front man can never be unearthed. It could just be a question of more skillfully looking in the right place at the right time. Welcome back @cyalm.”

Welcome back Cyril, mediabites wish you all the best.


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