Senior journalist & Founding Editor of SHE, Zuhra Karim passed away


Senior journalist Zuhra Karim passed away in Singapore on Monday.

Ms Karim was the founding and serving editor of She, Pakistan’s first and foremost women’s publication. She established the magazine in 1963 after graduating from the London School of Economics in the late fifties.

In her first editorial for the magazine on June 15, 1963, she wrote: “Today more than ever our country needs women to help it battle against centuries of prejudice, superstition and ignorance. There is still great work in the field of social welfare. Ceaseless wars have to be waged against disease, illiteracy and poverty. And who can do this better than the hand that rocks the cradle.”

Her funeral prayers will be offered in Karachi on Wednes-day.


Courtesy: Daily Dawn


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