Renowned anchor Paras Jahanzaib resigns from Samaa TV


Pakistan’s known anchor and host of top rated program ‘News Beat’, Paras Jahanzaib resigns from Samaa TV. She shared this important information on her Twitter account few days back:

I have resigned from but will be hosting NEWS BEAT till first week of August as my notice period. Due to personal commitments I will be traveling abroad & In Sha Allah after sometime viewers will see me on screen 📺 Thanks for your support. Stay Blessed!

Born in Hyderabad, Paras Jahanzaib is one of the country’s well known faces. She started her career as an anchor in 2004. She holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science. She hosts one of SAMAA’s top rated prime-time talk shows, News Beat, which airs from Samaa TV at 10:00 pm from Friday till Sunday.

After the exit of Paraz Jahanzaib, Samaa will really be in trouble due to ratings, as after the exit of Shahzad Iqbal, Nadeem Malik and Mubashar Luqman, Samaa TV had a downward viewing trends. Only Paras’s News Beat had some meat for viewers to gel-in to the Samaa’s screen.

Mediabites wish Paras Jahanzaib all goodluck in all of her future endeavors.



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