Imam Ul Haq is a bright star of Pakistan cricket, mark my words!


I know lot of cricket fans being influenced with the media and mostly make their judgement based on 3rd rated Pak sports journalists hype.. There is one kid in Pak batting line up has impressed me significantly and he goes mostly under the raddar because his uncle is a chief selector Inzi. – Yes, I am talking about Pak opener Imam Ul Haq.

I have not only watched lot of cricket ( more than anybody can think), but religiously watched and follows other sports of the world. -My analysis or observation is based on so many different factors.. – The most important thing in sports obviously is talent and skills, but one thing that stands out among top players of the world, they makes other teammates looks good. – Imam has played 30 one day games and has an average of 57 with 6 centuries and 5 fifties. – Even though it is still a small sample size, but to give you an idea, the best Pakistani opener Saeed Anwar had an average of only 39 runs in one day games..

The other things which is unique to Imam is his high IQ of the game.. I have listened his interviews and this kid is unique and exceptional. – He is so compact and gifted, always plays the ball on merit ( unique in Pak cricket), he is left handed, which troubled the bowlers, never lose his temper or composer, again not a Paki trait, he built his inning and plays along with his teammates and according to the situation, which is a fundamental requirements of modern day game. – Pakistan chances of going deep in the cricket world cup is depending upon Imam’s performance, because he is so pivotal in the team.


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