VIDEO: No one punched Froggy, Rahim Pardesi claims


Earlier in the week, Canada-based YouTuber Shaam Idrees and his wife Queen Froggy were attacked by a mob in Karachi Mall during their meet and greet tour.

After the incident, Froggy– in a video — claimed that someone punched her in the face and that individual was sent by Ducky Bhai-another YouTuber.

The whole situation, however, took a new turn when Britain-based Pakistani YouTube star Rahim Pardesi rejected Froggy’s claim, calling it fake.


Rahim pardesi a Britain based YouTuber has come forward with a video, claiming that Froggy was not punched during Shaam idrees meet and greet in Karachi.

He brought forward the boy who was accused of punching Froggy. Though the boy accepted grabbing Shaam by the collars but he denied punching Froggy.

The boy also mentioned that he sent a message to Shaam apologising for the incident and asked for a meet up where he could clarify but he did not respond.

Rahim Pardesi mentioned that the video is not monetized and is made just to end the drama and reveal what went on that day.

“I have video proof that no one even touched Froggy during the mob incident,” Pardesi said. He then showed the video of the boy who was accused of punching Froggy.

“I was there and yes, I raised slogans in favour of Ducky Bhai but I did not even touch Froggy and in the video, you can see, I just pulled the collar of Shahmeer-another social media star,” the boy said.

The video showed that the boy grabbed the collar of Shahmeer but did not touch Froggy. “I have sent the proof to Rahim Pardesi and Ducky Bhai and everyone can see the truth,” the boy added.

He further addressing Shaam, stated that ‘You ( Shaam Idrees) should be ashamed of yourself accusing a kid just to repair your badly damaged reputation. Don’t even dare to contact this guy for he had the guts to come forward.’


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