LOOK, DON’T TOUCH Samsung invents phone with ‘wraparound screen’ that you control without touching it


SAMSUNG is working on a new phone with a wraparound screen display, according to new patents.

The company, which is having a bit of bad luck with its foldable smartphone invention, would be steering clear of foldable screens altogether with this new design.

The third screen at the top of the phone can be seen in the corner of this patent sketch

Dutch blog LetsGoDigital, discovered the patent that was initially applied for by Samsung in 2016 but only granted to the company a few days ago.

The device drawn in the designs shows a screen that almost covers the entire smartphone.

One screen is on the front, one screen is on the back and the top edge of the phone has a little screen that is apparently reserved for notifications.

The multi-screen design allows Samsung to remove the selfie camera from the front of the device as you could just use the back screen on the phone as if it was the front.

This allows for a much bigger front display.

The smartphone design also shows a single camera module at the back of the device either in the screen or below it depending on what works during the prototype process.

Other features listed on the patent include the ability to use the two screens for real-time translation, meaning someone could speak into one screen and the other screen could show a translation of what they were saying in a different language.

The dual screens would also allow for people who are posing for photographs to see the picture you’re taking on the back of the phone.

Perhaps one of the most interesting features is that you would be able to activate the screen just by hovering your hand over the top and it will also come with a stylus to use on one of the two big screens.

The phone would also have the ability to enable in time translation of languages, with the front screen to talk into and the back screen for reading the typed out translation

Like with every patented design, there is no guarantee that Samsung will ever make this phone, although it does seem like a refreshing idea.

Unfortunately, Samsung does not have a good track record with fresh phone designs as the Samsung Galaxy Fold release had to be delayed due to the foldable screen breaking and the phone falling apart.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 was also a bit disastrous and had to be recalled and discontinued after reports of it exploding and setting on fire.


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