CEO of GNN has resigned parallel to PEMRA’s release of license for 8 new news channels?


CEO of GNN channel has resigned recently. CEO of GNN news channel is younger brother of Hamid Mir. He has been at this position since the start but recently after the involvement of Dr. Shahid Masood in the channel, he has been disturbed and tried to leave the organization many times because of their differences.

After the resignation of former CEO of GNN, Imran Yaqoob has been appointed at this position.

According to sources, this time the CEO has been replaced with the conscious effort of the organization. We have seen large number of resignations in past few months, and this is something to think about. Many employees in media houses lost their jobs due to cross cutting. ARY, GEO and many other prominent news channels have fired a large number of employeesand hence increasing the rate of unemployment.

On the other hand government has released licenses for eight new news channels which are going to be launched soon. In a condition where media industry is already going through economic crisis is it a good decision to launch more channels? This will give employments to all those people who lost their jobs but in a long tern scenario the decision is not as per sustainable development goals. This proves that there are certain interests of the government in releasing these licenses.


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