Jami ditched his LSA award and pledges to “stand by Women”


Film-maker Jami has joined the bandwagon of stars protesting against the Lux Style Award (LSA) or rejecting their nominations or simply giving up the ceremony.

The director, who won the LSA for his Moor film in 2016, has published on social media that he “will put his trophy on this doorstep because it’s useless to him”.

On Twitter, Jami wrote, “Tomorrow we’ll put my Lux price on the street at my door, please recycle it, it’s useless, we stand with our women and their words – not their soaps.”

Now, the Operation 021 director has shared a few images of his award being left on the road as a sign of protest against the LSAs.

“The Lux Award for Best Film Moor is now on my doorstep, we believe and stand with our women!”

Earlier, folk band The Sketches and Meesha Shafi had ended their LSA nomination after publishing public statements.


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