Feminist should not go astray like ‘jihadis’ says poet Kishwar Naheed and women on Twitter slammed her bad.


Renowned poet and feminist Kishwar Naheed recently came under fire online for her misplaced remarks about this year’s Aurat March.

While speaking at the Sindh Aurat Tanzeem celebration for Women’s Day, the writer made some very confusing remarks about the gathering of women that took place across Pakistan on Women’s Day.

Confusing because Kishwar Naheed herself is no stranger to challenging dominant patriarchal and cultural norms; after all, it was her provocative poem Hum Gunahgar Aurtein (‘We Sinful Women’) that helped put her in the literary spotlight.

Naheed said she disapproved of the slogans spotted at the march, pointing out ‘Lo Baith Gayi Sahi Se’ among others; she said she believes feminists should be keeping their culture and traditions in mind so as not to go astray like “jihadis”. Sure, that’s totally a relevant parallel.

Twitter was clearly disappointed:

Many men used her remarks to further hate on the Aurat March:

To that we say:


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