#Careem billboard campaign has passed all the limits of challenging moral values


Now a days advertising world adopts their marketing strategies according to the trends without giving much attention to the fact that these advertisements can sometimes sound most pathetic.

Like recently, after the Aurat March 2019 held in Pakistan, two binaries are created standing one against the other, bashing and criticizing refusing to come to one point.

As a result of this the already fragile minds of our young girls and boys are more likely to take negative impact rather than positive.

Recently we have seen Careem’s billboards in which there is a woman in bridal dress with the caption “Apni Shadi se Bhagna ho to Careem Bike karao”.

The woman is clearly wearing a “kala chashma” to give her a “cool” look. But these advertisers should give a little thinking into the idea that this billboard is creating. The refusal to get married.

Marriage is an institution given by our religion so that the society works in a proper manner. The countries where the institution of marriage has failed they are facing moral decline. Women empowerment can never come out of moral degradation and leaving behind human centric values.

The advertisers need to understand the responsibility that comes to their end. Taking every right or wrong thing into advertising can only show the lowering standards of marketing.

One the other hand, it is also a great responsibility of citizen to speak up on such matters and do not believe whatever these advertisements are trying to portray

A lot of people on social media are criticizing the billboard. Here are few.

While on the other hand some people are supporting the idea which clearly tells us how this campaign is working to divide the people and causing disaster is society instead of solving the real issue.


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